Lylyan’s Birthday

A week ago, my sister, Lylyan, turned 12.

It feels like just yesterday I was in preschool, getting out of class early to meet my sibling.  I was upset that my parents didn’t take my name suggestion, Jackie, which they did later use for my brother.  This little brat was taking all the attention and she wasn’t even that cute (according to my memory as a four-year old).  They apparently named her Lylyan to make her special, not Lilian, but with two “y”s instead of “i”s.  Four-year old me didn’t really care and was still upset that I couldn’t name my sibling after my karate idol, Jackie Chan.  Twelve years and a lot of hair-pulling and screaming later, who would’ve guessed that till this day, that little brat is still very special to me.


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