Special Needs Soccer

A couple weeks ago, my friend and I came up with the idea of hosting a soccer tournament for kids with special needs.  Through a Baron Banner article, we found out about this amazing organization allowing kids with special needs to play soccer.  Prior to reading the article, we didn’t even know that this organization existed so we wanted to create a tournament specifically for these kids and spread awareness about this organization.  In order for this tournament to take place, we needed the money so we found a grant that we just turned in.  Without this grant, we would be unable to host the tournament and would have to completely abandon this idea, which would be devastating.

I even had the opportunity to come out and watch one of their games recently.  Win or lose, these kids were having so much fun and weren’t worried about what the end score may be.  This was the motivation for our project: to bring a smile to these kids’ faces and give them the same opportunities as everyone else.  Now that I’m so invested in this project, I’m crossing every finger and toe possible, hoping to receive this grant, because it would be absolutely heartbreaking if I didn’t.


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