Not a Pretty Pizza

This was pizza from Naples, Italy.  I had just come back from Capri (island off of Naples) and my dad and I were walking from the cruise ship to get pizza.  We walked about 5 miles since we stopped at about 5 restaurants and ALL of them were closed.  (We walked further than we had to because we wanted pizza from some well-known places so that it would taste better) We walked all the way west, only to come back to the crappy place near the cruise ship.  But I swear, this was probably the best pizza I had ever tasted.  It does look the greatest but I can still taste that pizza today with its raw tomato sauce (not some packaged marina sauce from a can), the fragrant soft basil, and the crunchy crust with the toasted burnt bits from ancient brick oven in the small Italian family restaurant.  And this experience made me realize something. Sometimes life isn’t a pretty pizza. But the only thing that matters is how the pizza tastes to you.


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