Growing Apart


I’ve had the same friends since middle school.  We had our inside jokes, code names for secret crushes, all-nighter sleepovers, and our endless group conversations.  I thought we would be Best Friends Forever.  I still talk to most of them, but it isn’t the same anymore.  Some I feel obligated to talk to.  Some I can talk for endless hours.  And others I don’t talk to anymore.  Sometimes I get reminded of why we were friends in the first place, but sometimes, I don’t even know the person in front of me anymore.  It’s hard, but it’s growing up and sometimes people growing apart too.  Why has time made such a dramatic effect on our friendship?  If it’s already like this now, how is it going to be in a couple years when we all go to college?  Growing apart sucks, but does it really have to be this way?


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