Fake vs. Real


(C.C. 2.0 Domonoske, 2016)

The article is right.  These days we trust everything we read on the internet.  I enjoy watching Jimmy Kimmel prank strangers on the street with “Lie Witness News” and laugh as they blindly trust a random stranger with a camera on the street.  Personally, I’ve always been taught not to trust everything I see or read, but what do I trust then?  If almost everything on the internet is fallible, then what source can I really believe?  People aren’t perfect and even the most trustworthy can be wrong.  So, students now have to draw based on their own conclusions because even the most official news can be incorrect.  I don’t blame anyone for using their own conclusions to trust what others say, but I blame the lack of trust for anything at all for our incorrect conclusions.


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