Mr. Precedent


(CC.2.0, Esquire, Matt Miller 2016)

In the article, “Spelling’s Not for Everyone”, Allan Fallow proves a valid point.  How can you run a country when you can’t even run your own Twitter without spelling errors? There’s “autocorrect” for a reason and I’m sure Trump can even ask English professors to proofread his 140 (or less)-character message.   Maybe Trump didn’t have to participate in his 3rd grade spelling bee or take spelling tests throughout elementary school.  But also, his actions do speak louder than words.  Trump chose Betsy Devos for Education Secretary, who apparently didn’t pay attention to grammar and didn’t know the difference between “historic” and “historical”.  Sure, you still understand the point even with spelling errors, but shouldn’t we be able to have higher standards for our president?  I mean, he controls the entire US army, but he can’t even spell “honered” correctly.


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