Celebrity Activism


(CC 2.0. Bellafonte. 2017)

Recently, Shia LaBeouf created a “He will not divide us” exhibit in Los Angeles, but the exhibit became violent, ending with Mr. Labeouf’s arrest.  However, we have to take into account that Shia LaBeouf has a history of strange behavior (with some ending him up in jail), such as disruptive behavior in  a Broadway production, his project of yelling improvisation lines in front of a green screen, running around metal bird cages with a 13-year old in the “Elastic Heart” music video, and live streaming his reactions to his own film. The article also mentions Lena Dunham’s outspoken-ness of her Democrat views, but compares celebrities to “lightning rods”.  Celebrities aren’t taken seriously when they speak of their political views, but some celebrities are also criticized for not taking stance on political issues at all.  Some can be criticized for using their fame to promote hair-growing gummy bears or detox tea, while they could be promoting important issues.  Political views can be important issues, so either way, the media will continue to attack celebrities no matter what they do.


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