(CC 2.0. Burns. 2015)

To me, high school has been a constant marathon.  There’s 8 legs of a race and i’ve finished 5/8 so far.  After every leg, I sprint to the finish line with all my strength and sometimes I might not even finish on time.  After each leg, it feels like a noose is attached to my neck, dragging me along each the next leg of the race.  It hurts and I need a break, but I can’t stop.  I just get dragged along the following leg of the race, only to continue going later on.  Even when I’m not in the race, I’m practicing for the race, getting ready for the next one.  The last leg was harder than ever and this current part continues to strip away my energy and motivation.  Honestly, I’m just ready for this marathon to be over.  I’m ready to move on.


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