(CC 2.0. Griffiths. 2016)

When I grow up, I want to be a farmer.  Very rarely do you ever hear those words coming out of a child’s mouth because the truth is, many people don’t aspire to become a farmer.  In today’s society, people are working in offices, driving nice cars, and go to restaurants to eat.  Many would not give up that life to work with their hands in the fields as a farmer.  After years and years of education, many people do not want to resort to pursing a career in farming as the job requires no prior education or experience.

The LA Times article clearly addresses the flaws in Trump’s plans. Although the idea of cutting off the flow of immigrants may free up more jobs, the truth is that American citizens aren’t taking that job.  However, you can’t blame the citizens as the idea of wasting years of education seems incredibly wasteful.


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